The TM Lewin story

It is a brand that has long been synonymous with the London professional scene. TM Lewin has been around over 100 years and still is one of the strongest brand names in business attire.The company likes to keep things fresh, introducing dozens of designs into it’s store each month.

Since employing Geoff Quinn 30 years ago, the company has expanded exponentially to be the powerhouse that it is today. When Quinn started at the company, it only had six employees and a small shop. Fast foward to today and the company has now got over 55 shops and 500 staff and has also reported sales exceeding 65 million pounds. The company has also reported that it sold over 2 million shirts in the year.

The next step for the company is to take it’s expansion international. The company has launched websites tailored (pun intended) in countries around the world including Australia. It’s hoping it can take it’s quality brand and merchandise to all corners of the world.

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BooHoo considering a sale

One of the biggest competitors to ASOS, is the other giant UK clothing store, BooHoo. BooHoo has achieved amazing growth over the past few years and has matched ASOS in terms of success and expansion. The company started in Manchester by partners Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane and has expanded it’s operations world wide. The company has achieved profits of over 250,000 pounds with sales up by 29 million pounds. The company has achieved similar success to ASOS by using popular coupons to attract customers. Find an ASOS coupon, look here or a BooHoo coupon here.

BooHoo has now reached the stage where it is considering a sale of the business. The company was born 7 years ago and is now one of the biggest online clothing stores in the world. To help them in the sale of their business, the company has hired Zeus Capital to explore it’s options.

There are a number of investors who have already shown interest in the BooHoo business with some looking to purchase the entire business an others looking for a minority stake.

The story of SurfStitch

One of the best stories to come out of the sad story of Billabong is the success that has been achieved by SurfStitch. The story of SurfStitch shows what you can achieve when you have the drive to succeed and a bit of luck.

Five years ago, a couple of guys started with the idea of developing a surfing goods store armed with a minuscule budget and a small garage. The company rode the internet shopping wave in Australia and grew into one of the most popular online surf stores in Australia. The company employed may innovative techniques to attract customers including frequent sales and offering customers a SurfStitch promo code.

SurfStitch has boasted that it will reach revenues of $30 million at one stage and that the company was getting 30 million hits to its site which equated to over 250 million page views. From the humble garage, the company expanded to a distribution facility employing over 100 people and processing up to 4000 orders a day. The success of the company attracted the attention of surfwear giant, Billabong.

Deals Direct gets a boost in confidence

DealsDirect has been around for a long time and is considered to be one of the earliest mainstream online stores in Australia. The company has been around such a long time and persevered meaning it has ridden the huge rise in popularity of the internet in the last decade.

The story of DealsDirect originates from their early days when they were an ebay only seller. They achieved great success from this channel and therefore decided they would try their hand at their own online store called

The company has grown in size so much that it now sells every possible consumer item you can think of covering over 23 categories. The company has so far restricted it’s customer base to Australia and ships goods from it’s Sydney distribution centre.

Causing a dramatic increase in it’s exposure and popularity, was the recent announcement that James Packer’s Ellerston Capital would be taking a minority stake in the company valued at an estimated $10 million dollars. This capital will help the company grow further and is a sign of the confidence placed in the company.

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The beginners guide to a tuxedo

These days men will often wear a suit to a wedding and it is now often a very relaxed event in that respect. However, if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you can look that one step more formal by choosing to wear a tuxedo.

Tuxedos are actually six individual pieces of clothing. The main components are obviously the jacket and the trousers, but then you have the waistcoat, shirt, tie and shoes to complete the look. A true tuxedo has a single breasted jacket which can come in three different styles being peaked lapel, notch lapel and shawl lapel. Each of these different styles hugely affect the look of the jacket.

The tuxedo trouser is also rather different to a regular suit trousers. They do not have a place to put your belt through and they will have no cuffs as the trousers are usually held up by suspenders.

The tuxedo look is normally completed by a black bow tie which can be replaced with a different colour for less formal occasions.

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Our guide to travelling Canberra

Canberra is the political center of Australia and is located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  The city is a wonderful place to experience for it’s gardens, bush walking and nature reserves.

The city was founded in 1913 and was created as the capital of Australia and was partly created to end the feud between Sydney and Melbourne about who was going to be the capital of the country. Prior to Canberra’s creation, Melbourne was the capital of Australia for the 12 years beforehand.

Canberra is well known for it’s carefully planned city and is rich in museums, monuments and galleries.

Some key events occur in the city which highlights the times to visit. The important one this year is the Centenary of Canberra. This makes 2013 a great year to visit as the whole year will be filled with events celebrating the centenary.

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The Iconic achieves amazing success

Online retailer, The Iconic, have had a huge amount of success over the past couple of years and is one of the most exciting online retailers Australia has produced. The company sells a huge range of fashion products including men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s clothing and accessories.

The Iconic is a pure online only retailer and attribute much of their success to their great service. The company offers free delivery and free returns. There is also frequently available a The Iconic discount code for you to use with your purchase.

The Iconic has been able to achieve sales growth of over 30 percent month on month since the beginning of 2012 and this has been well above their target growth rate of 10 to 15 percent.  The company has had investment in companies such as JPMorgan who invested $20 million into the company.

Australia is only starting to push their retailers online and The Iconic has show the  pathway that many should take to succeed. Great prices and excellent service.

Woolworths acquires Ezibuy

In a surprise development in the online space, Woolworths has announced that it has purchased online retailer EziBuy for a sum of $305 million dollars.

Ezibuy was founded in 1978 and since starting off as a direct mail retailer, it has now grown to one of the largest online retailers in Australia offering a large selection of fashion items and homewares.

The company was founded by two brothers, Peter Gillespie and Gerard Gillespie. As long term shareholders in the company, they are likely to get the most benefit from this deal.

The company last year sold over $170 million dollars worth of stock through it’s marketing channels, primarily it’s website and catalogues. The website has achieved great growth in recent years and have attracted a large number of customers via this platform. They have employed customer grabbing techniques such as offering customers an EziBuy promo code.

Woolworths has it’s own direct marketing business but they do not believe that EziBuy will in anyway overlap. Woolworth also expects EziBuy to continue running as it has.


How to choose the right bike

Buying a bike may seem like a trivial exercise however there is  some thought that needs to go into the purchase of a bike to ensure you make the right decision and not waste your money.

The number of bikes that you may see in a bike store could number in the hundreds so picking the right one for you can be a daunting task. So to make the decision easier, here are a few tips you can follow to make sure you can narrow down your choices.

The first thing to consider is if you’re riding on roads or planning to ride off road. There are two popular classes of bikes being road bikes and mountain bikes.

If you plan to ride mainly on roads then choose a road bike. These bikes have skinnier wheels and are lightweight making them suited to the task.

If you plan to ride anywhere and everywhere then choose a mountain bike. The frames are heavier but you get bigger wheels and better durability from these bikes.

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